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I know I said I was taking a break from blogging, but now I’m taking a break from taking a break. I have been sufficiently enraged/inspired by recent events to not only dust off ye ol’ blogging keyboard, but also to outline and finish chapter one of my new book! I think anyone who likes …

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It’s been a season of quiet reflection and re-calibration for me and my family, as God is clearing paths, closing doors, and opening my mind up to new possibilities. He is not a TAME lion, is he…?

Having expectations about what should be results in either two things. You get what you expected, and are satisfied (but not overly happy because it’s just what you expected) or you do NOT get what you expected so you are frustrated and resentful. Because of this, I work really hard at not having expectations, and life is a lot more fun.

And you know how not to be an entitled jerk?


There’s no such thing as Mommy Guilt. To suggest there is is doing women everywhere a disservice, because the guilt and shame we women take on as a mantle from pretty much birth is in no way restricted to mothers. We all receive it as a legacy whether we want it or not, and we owe it to ourselves, sisters, friends, mothers, and especially our daughters, to take it off, look at it, and throw it in the trash where it belongs, and when someone tries to make us take it back, we see it for what it is, and say “No thank you, I’ve had enough for now. If that’s okay with you. Sorry.” (because girls are supposed to be polite, right?).

Hi, my name is Carrie and I’m a survivor of Rampant Perfectionist Syndrome (RPS). This is a disease millions of women face, and has been on the increase ever since we were ‘liberated’ to enjoy full-time careers and full-time motherhood (at the same time), in an era where ultra-lean, muscular physiques became a requirement and where social media exploded to help us understand just how important an immaculate home, creative décor, crafty DIY everything, glamorous vacations, perfect relationships, funny friends, and impeccably behaved children really were.

Seeing as how it was just Canada Day, and tomorrow is Independence Day for the United States, freedom seems like a good topic. I’m thoroughly fed up with politics, though, so I’m staying away from political freedom, and am going to talk about it from another perspective; my kids, and my book (Grace Group). It’s …

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  I just love daylight savings time in Washington, where we enjoy less sleep, the sun wakes my children up too early, and it stays light until the ungodly hour of at least 8:00 pm, making my children think it’s acceptable to stay up past 6:30 pm, which is highly disruptive to me (who wakes …

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I was talking with a group of friends this week about fitting in. We were discussing how so many of us didn’t feel we belonged, or were bullied, or just weren’t comfortable in our own skin when we were growing up, and the kind of self-destructive behavior that ensued trying to numb that pain. The …

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So there was a ‘thing’ that happened last week with one of my kids. It started out with the kid being obnoxious in general and then being a tattle tale to top it off. Because the obnoxiousness embarrassed me (because it’s all about me, don’t you know, and if my kid is a jerk it …

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