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As a writer  I just can’t resist the temptation of a long, juicy description of EVERY detail (much like every three-year -old at bedtime). Alas, descriptions make unexciting novels, so most of foodie stuff didn’t make the cut. But like a few of my characters, the sharing of the recipes idea would just not stay dead. So, I am presenting to you in blog form some of the recipes that the grief group members brought to table, so to speak. Last week I shared Archie’s cinnamon rolls. Today, I am pleased to present Charlotte’s chocolate chip cookies.


In Grief Inc, Holly is guided through a process of self discovery and improvement by some angels in her life.  They are not always sweet and kind in their assistance, but they are honest and their guidance enables Holly to achieve the life she was always meant to live.  I think we all have some …

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