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When you don’t believe you’re worthy of more, or able to actually get it, you go from an intrepid adventurer in your life to a…settler. And once we start settling for crumbs, we soon decide that we’re lucky to have them, and become fearful of losing even them.

I was home this weekend celebrating my Mom’s birthday and because my children have evidently decided to collaborate in depriving me of sleep until I’m dead, I had quite a bit of free time early in the morning to listen to a workshop I’ve been enjoying. The topic on this episode was about maintaining one’s …

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I know I said I was taking a break from blogging, but now I’m taking a break from taking a break. I have been sufficiently enraged/inspired by recent events to not only dust off ye ol’ blogging keyboard, but also to outline and finish chapter one of my new book! I think anyone who likes …

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When I say girl drama, you all know what it means, don’t you? It means teaming up and then turning on one another. It means not sharing friends. It means making fun of people who are different. It means being ultra-competitive with other girls. It means hurting other people’s souls with our words. It means having a best friend to the exclusion of anyone else, and then suddenly being enemies with that same person.

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