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Well, well, well…it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I haven’t been blogging on this site much lately, as you may have noticed (if you’re my Mom).  It’s been a season of quiet reflection and re-calibration for me and my family, as God is clearing paths, closing doors, and opening my mind up to new possibilities. He is not a TAME lion, is he…? (I’ve been on a C.S. Lewis/Narnia jag on top of everything else, so hopefully you get the reference). I feel like I’m getting ready for some amazing adventure, but I don’t know what it is, so I’m not sure what to pack. I’m sort of reminded of the end of the movie Grease. Not the stupid part where Sandy caves into peer pressure to become a hootchie mama courting lung cancer, but the part where they drive off into the sky in that convertible. I kind of feel like me and the fam are packed into that convertible heading who knows where, and all I know is it will be quite a ride.

Let me catch you up….

One of the areas where I continue to struggle is in that no man’s land where motherhood and career intersect. A lifetime ago, I had a career that I really enjoyed and was pretty good at. Then I had kids and became Mommy – something that regularly challenges me beyond my breaking point, that I rarely feel competent in, and that I usually enjoy more in the rearview mirror. The pay is crap, too, which is kind of a big deal because I greatly prefer my life to be safe and predictable, without undue financial hardship…bahahaha. But my God is a great big God, and He’s using this time in my life for so many other purposes.

For example…I have always felt called to write, coach, and work in non-traditional ways. That’s just how I’m wired and even in the midst of my professional life I felt a lot of tension because I wasn’t operating in those gifts. But, because of the safe and predictable thing, I put it aside for ‘someday’. Having my kids forced me to realize that working for someone else wasn’t in the cards for me for the time being (if it ever was) and enabled me to pursue consulting, coaching, and writing like I never would have if it weren’t for the kids and it’s been AWESOME!! I love my consulting business, my clients, and the flexibility it affords me.

It’s been an interesting balancing act, and I’ve entered a season where I’ve been focusing much more on my consulting and professional writing than on my blogging and on Grace Group. Of course, I’ve also come to a place where I’m not the mommy of toddlers anymore, and although they all still come up with some hilarious things that I just have to share, some of the things we’re growing through are their things now and not as suitable for funny blogs. I’ve also undertaken what is proving to be the most challenging writing project to date. It’s a fiction story, but one that’s much different than my usual style. This one is dark and complex and scary. If I do it right it’s also the most positive and life-affirming thing I’ll have written.

At the same time, I’ve been seeing a powerful move in my life of old, dysfunctional relationships shearing away, a refreshing of healthy connections, and new opportunities arising professionally in the areas of writing, coaching, and leadership. It’s all very exciting. I will be sharing more of some of the more noteworthy events as they unfold, mostly because they’re funny but hopefully there’s something here or there that could encourage someone.

I will leave you with this: Rightly or wrongly, I’m intentionally grooming my children to take care of me when I’m old. I absolutely want them to feel obligated to look after me and I figure if I do this right they’ll be fighting about who ‘gets’ Mom. I was talking to Bisky the other night about how much she’s growing up and how she’ll move out one day. I reminded her that we won’t be apart for long because I’ll be coming to live with her. She paused and said “Well, I might want some time with my husBAND (that’s how she pronounces it) before you come live with us.” I told her she could just give me a nice big room to live in and I wouldn’t come out and bother her much. She agreed, and then decided maybe it would be good to line the room with tinfoil, and I could just go lie down on the foil when it was my time to die. So I told her I thought I’d go live with NoBen instead (he’s really the nicest one). I asked him if I could go live with him and would you believe he actually had to think about it? He finally told me he’d have to check with his grandson whether that would be okay, and if the grandson agreed, I could share a blow up mattress on the floor with his grandson. So I’m not sure who will get me…but clearly more grooming is in order.

I’m really excited about what’s in store on all fronts…are you in a place of transition? Happy where you’re at? Ready for change? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this blog, please share the love, and let’s connect on Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook!

PS I’ve written, 10 tips on dealing with multiple (conflicting) priorities. If you’d like a free copy, just click here!

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