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Okay, let’s have some fun!

A couple days ago I posted on Facebook my desire to collect my friends’ best and worst end results of pumpkin carving. At first it was motivated by the fact that I think Pinterest fails are hysterical. Maybe it’s because most of our projects end up in that category that I have a fondness. But then I saw some posts of some pumpkins that are like works of ART, so even though they don’t make me laugh, they are aspirational – as in, something to aspire to. Someday. Maybe.

So I will get us started:

Here are our best efforts – from completely kid designed up to stencil fail.

The 3 eyed monstrosity was G’s creation. Because she’s five, she knows everything about everything. She drew this on the pumpkin with markers. It is a girl pumpkin. The drawing had glasses, long hair, and eyelashes. I wasn’t going to touch that tantrum-in-the-making with a ten-foot pole, so I let Dreamy carve it while I scuttled off like the coward I am. He, being a man, took her at face value and carved what she SAID she wanted, not what she actually did want (you’d never know he’s been married for over thirty years total with this blatant lack of girl-whispering ability). It was deemed unacceptable – for obvious reasons.

IMG_2506#noben  just wanted a mad pumpkin. You can’t see in the pic but somehow it got lopsided so if not propped up it rolls away like something from the Evil Dead. He’s very happy with it and takes his responsibility of propping it up with a toothbrush, crayon, or spoon VERY seriously.

IMG_2503Aiden’s happy pumpkin was a stencil gone wrong. I don’t usually follow instructions but I did here and it was a you-know-what-show. The paper instantly turned to pulp so I ended up winging it. A far cry from the enticing artwork pictured on the front of the package. I’m hoping there are some pics of ones that actually worked out for comparison.

IMG_2501The one on the porch is G’s second attempt. She was so thoroughly disgusted that Tony failed to execute her vision that I let her have another try. It’s not our first time at this rodeo, so we always have a backup pumpkin, even though it’s probably bad parenting to accommodate rampant perfectionism. I call this one pumpkin surprise because it was rotten and filled with pumpkin-puke. I never knew this could happen. She drew this herself and I was so irritated with her attitude I kept the crooked things crooked. So of course she loves it!

For this to be fun, I need to hear from you! Post your worst – and your best, with the stories. This is not a contest. No voting, but you may particularly love a special pumpkin. And although I’m usually against the participation trophy in this instance we are all winners simply by not severing our fingers! Yay Mom (and Dad)!

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    Don’t tell anyone but #no Ben is my vote!!

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