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As an avid baker (and health and fitness enthusiast, which causes considerable ‘me me conflict’), food usually finds its way into my novels, in one form or another. In Grace Group, when Holly reluctantly joins a grief support group for people who are dying, one of the first things she notices is a plate of fragrant and sinfully delicious cinnamon rolls that Archie, a group member has brought. Although the people in the grief group have a lot of legitimate woes, worries about cholesterol or long term ramifications of unhealthy eating isn’t on the list.

I originally ended each chapter with one of the recipes, but it didn’t really fit. Although the book is light in a lot of places, there’s also some tension, and enough of a serious subject matter that recipes just didn’t work.

But I do love reliably awesome recipes, so I’m going to share!! This is one of my favorites, although to be honest, it takes a bit more time from start to finish than any of my usual recipe (because of the yeast), so you can’t make this on the fly. To be brutally honest (and to not get sued), I need to tell you that  got this recipe from my best friend Rachel Farnsworth, the Stay at Home Chef. Actually, she doesn’t know me, but I stalk her blog, so maybe she’ll see this and be my friend. So click this link here to see her recipe for the best homemade cinnamon rolls ever. This is what Archie made for the grief group, only he doubled the brown sugar and butter that goes in the inside and added pecans, so I do too, because brown sugar, butter, and pecans…duh!

So enjoy! And, thanks Rachel!

PS: In weeks to come, I’ll be posting my ooey gooey cake, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and other things you’ll love. Only enjoy in moderation, because hopefully you DO have your long term health to consider!

PPS: You wouldn’t believe how many times my fingers typed ‘cinnamon roles’, both in Grace Group and in this blog, which makes me giggle.

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One thought on “What everyone’s been waiting for: The recipe for Archie’s cinnamon rolls, as raved about in Grace Group!

  1. Lisa DG says:

    What a fun idea! I will live off the memories of wheat goodness, dripping with butter and brown sugar.

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