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Well it happened…THE LAUNCH. Grace Group has been officially kicked off and now all that is left is to go viral so that fifty million people hear about my book, so that some of them buy it, love it, and review it on Amazon and my work here is done. In case you haven’t read it, shame on you!  What are you waiting for? But I digress. As with all things in life, doing something for the first time is a learning opportunity more than anything else. If you are a perfectionist, this can be distressing, but for normal people, I suppose it’s just how things are. As such, now that Grace Group has been launched, I have compiled a helpful list of things to do and not to do in order to be more successful, in case you’re ever in this position.


  • Do have an amazing, generous, and good-hearted friend with a seriously unbelievable talent for business and innovation reach out to you to offer a venue out of the goodness of his heart, in a very cool town on a warm night in Southern California. That is a definite must, I would have to say.
  • Do have a plan for how the evening will go, and a little something prepared to say, in the event that the venue happens to have stage, sound system, professional videographer, and really bright lights. You wouldn’t want to be caught off guard.
  • Do be mindful of the timing of the event. As much as it might make sense to plan a three-hour launch party, that has the potential to be stressful and awkward. Think one to one-and-a-half hours tops.
  • Do try to figure out a way to get twenty or thirty books from point a to point b that does not rely on you having to risk losing them in baggage claim or unsafely press an awkward 50-pound carry-on to the overhead compartment.
  • Do remember to bring the book up to the podium when it is time to do your reading.
  • Do have a pen. You know, for the SIGNING part of the book signing. Thorough research has indicated that signing a book is much easier with a pen.
  • Do take a minute to absorb this amazing milestone in your life and be grateful for the events and people in your life that have made this possible.

Those are the most important things I learned to do. But as is the case in life, there are some very important don’t’s to be learned as well, so I will happily share those:

  • Don’t contract a violent stomach virus the week before the book launch from your five year-old, and then pass it on to your three-year-old twins who then spend the next week depositing large sums of body fluid all over each other and every porous surface in your home to the extent that their bodies create solid food blockages whose symptoms represent the end stage of a life-threatening disease, causing severe distress and a need for 24-hour-a-day attention from Mommy and Mommy only, which means that if you leave town, even though they’re almost better, you’ll feel like a monster who’s undeserving of children for the rest of your life.
  • Don’t forget that a lot of people pay cash, and so it might be helpful to have change, if you’re clueless enough not to round up or down.
  • Don’t be clueless enough not to round up or down.
  • Do not wear the cute but uncomfortable shoes. Really. Just don’t.
  • Do not engage in over-analyzing your book, yourself, all previous relationships, and your future prospects of happiness and prosperity and make inappropriate disclosures, amends, or decisions while riding the swell of emotions that is your first launch.
  • Do not expect everyone in your life to be as excited about your book launch as you are. Some people just don’t get it, and you’ll waste head space wondering why. Although your book may be the be all and end all for you, it’s okay if it’s not everyone’s focus. Instead (I’m sneaking in a do here) be grateful for and treasure the people in your life who care enough to care about these things and show up physically and emotionally. These are the people who make the journey worthwhile.

So those are the life lessons I learned from this launch. I want to thank everyone who made it possible and all my readers for your part in making this dream come true. And especially my Mom…who wiped up body fluids in my absence so I could be here. Thanks Mom, I love you!!

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3 thoughts on “Book Launch Do’s and Don’ts (a memoir)

  1. Meridith says:

    You, my friend, are a rock star and I love being apart of your journey!! That is all 😉

    1. Thanks!! You’re the best:)

  2. Barb Meyer says:

    I have ordered the book and will want you to sign it so when it goes into a movie, I can say I knew you…. hahahahaha. Love your posts and blogs

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