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So much to talk about, so few relevant and coherent threads…what’s an aspiring writer, entrepreneur, Mommy, and truth-teller to do? The struggle is real, folks, and it’s only getting more real. Let’s start with multiple personalities because this is becoming a serious problem for me – and one in which I’m actively seeking advice. Now the issue isn’t that I actually have multiple personalities in the psychiatric sense…per se. It’s actually more of a ‘branding’ issue.

I have three very distinct brands or businesses that I am working on all the time. These stem from a combination of passion as well as a need to pay the bills for all the diapers, art supplies, and goldfish consumed in our house, not to mention the house itself.  On one hand, there’s our gym, then on another is  my leadership consulting business, then on a third hand, there’s my book The Grace Group. “But Carrie, that’s three hands!” you might say. See? You get the problem. The part that’s tough about startups is all three of these are excellent products/services. They change people’s lives, make a difference, and are super valuable. And just like in high school, it doesn’t matter what you’ve got to offer if you’re not one of the popular kids. At least, that’s how it seemed to me, not being one of the popular kids ever! So Dreamy and I are working like crazy to figure out how to let people know about us, without being (overly) annoying?

Of course it eventually all comes down to Social Media, because everything does. I have a Twitter and Instagram ‘persona’ for each brand and 2 FBs. At some point I will probably need a third that is just for my writer persona (I’d like to call her Chloe because I love that name but let’s not make this more confusing than it has to be). I’ve noticed that I’m becoming less skilled at managing all these personalities and regularly have to take out the cute picture of my kids doing something bad off the business page. I’ve now done video for the gym and for the leadership coaching. As soon as I figure Chloe out, I’ll probably start a vlog for the book/blog. That’s the one I’m most excited about! So if you ever see a weird, random post about fitness or management consulting – please forgive me and chalk it up to sleep deprivation and just a lack of ability to do my life right.

And on that note, I lost the Valentine’s Day contest this year again! Last year was our first Valentine’s Day where Bisky was in school and I was pretty much a cold mess (not even up to hot mess status) about all the holidays. I was so lame. Poor Miss Molly, the teacher, never got a single present from us because I had no idea that was what people did! Fortunately, she’ll get both my boys next year and we’ll make up for it.

So this year, I was pretty jazzed that not only did I get valentine cards for the kids to give, I FILLED THEM OUT, AND got teacher gifts, AND got everyone to school ON TIME with BRUSHED TEETH! I thought for sure I won Valentine’s Day! I mentioned I have twins right? Well, I totally lost. My kids came back with the cutest valentines! Little candies, and bubbles and all sorts of adorable stuff. As for us, #NoBen and #StopThatAiden just split a 32-pack of a random animated truck I’ve never heard of but was the only thing left Sunday night when I remembered about the ‘friends party’. Bisky did marginally better but only because there were Frozen valentines that already had stickers in them. Now if you’re like Dreamy, you will probably point out that it’s not a contest. Everyone gets valentines and everyone wins. Well shows what you know! It IS a contest and I did NOT win. The Mom who handmade all the hearts with glitter glue and heart lollipops totally kicked my butt. This year.

The last thing is just something to ponder…if you’re like me you might tend to be a little hard on yourself. I mean, here we all are doing the best we can, but sometimes we lose Valentine’s Day contests, or get laid off by bad, bad, men, or forget to clean our houses for a few months, and we can start feeling like we’re not winning at life. It can be so helpful to just stop and look around sometimes. For example, I connected with a friend who I was very close with pre-Dreamy and then our lives kind of drifted apart. We did the whole update thing yesterday and she said “Wow! Do you realize you’ve achieved everything you wanted ten years ago?” Huh? “You’re consulting, you’re coaching, you’ve got an awesome husband, you’ve got kids, and you sold your book!”

And even though I KNOW all this – obviously – it was mind-blowing to go back in time to when all of that was just items on a wish list. For me, it’s been a huge spiritual shift to stop valuing things about myself based on how much I’m getting paid for those things. If you were to look at my earnings from then to now, you may be tempted to think I’m losing at life. But if you look at the love, relationships, serenity, and overall awesome things I get to do, then I’m totally winning. And really winning, not tiger-blood-drinking Charlie Sheen winning.

So if you’re having a down day, I’d lay good odds that you’ve had more success than you’re recognizing right now. And to my friend who’s reading this who lost a furry member of her family today – I hope this made you smile a bit, and I hope you can celebrate the good times you had with bad kitty and take comfort in knowing you did everything you could for as long as you could!

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  1. Meridith says:

    You are a total rock star in my book my sweet friend !

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