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I’m writing this in the pre-dawn hours, before anyone else wakes up and I can work out, drink coffee and binge-watch kid-inappropriate stuff on Netflix. It’s the kind of bliss that only parents of small children understand is worth trading in a few extra hours of sleep for. But my usual state of joy is somewhat marred by two looming shadows on the horizon; Family Chapel and Daylight Savings time.

At our preschool, we have Family Chapel on the first Wednesday of every month. When it was just Bisky and me last year it was one of my favorite times. I love the pastors at our church and the kids are just so darn cute singing their songs and answering the questions. One of my favorites was when the kids were asked “what do we love more than Jesus?” and Bisky joyfully shouted “Donuts!”.

This year it’s not quite so fun for me. Managing two 2.5-year-old boys AND Bisky, who is not okay with lap-sharing, has transformed this event into something I dread. Last month it was so bad I cried. In public. Obviously enough that I am still getting sympathetic/wary looks from other parents who are clearly wondering if I’m stable enough to be volunteering in the classroom with their precious bundles of joy. Jury’s out on that one folks – sorry.

Today I have vowed NOT to cry in Chapel. I’ve been saying it over and over, in fact: “They won’t make me cry in Chapel. They won’t make me cry in Chapel.” It’s not that they’re SO bad…it’s just that it gets draining refereeing and shush’ing, and being the ONLY one who can hold, cuddle, console three kids at the same time. And then they deprive you of sleep just to weaken your confidence. But I am primed and ready for it today and I WILL prevail.

The other thing I’m dreading is turning back the clocks this weekend. I used to just LOVE getting an extra hour of sleep. Falling back was my favorite part of fall and getting to be awake extra early and not being tired is like a little slice of heaven for an early bird like me. At least, I did love it until I birthed my kiddos. They are no respecters of daylight savings time. They do NOT go to sleep when they’re supposed to and they wake up way too early and completely ruin the whole experience to the extent that I actually start fretting about all the ways they’re going to screw up my sleep and my mornings a good 6 weeks in advance.

Other things I used to enjoy that I don’t anymore since I got all the kids are hot food, travel, talking to Dreamy, clean carpets, eating my own meal, and going to the bathroom by myself. If it sounds terrible, you probably don’t have kids, because the reality is that I don’t miss all that as much as I thought I would…other than talking to Dreamy, which is not okay and we’re actively working on taking back ‘us’ time from the fidgets.

When I first got pregnant with Bisky, everyone would smirk and say knowingly, “EVERYTHING’s going to change now!” which would terrify and irritate me, but they were right. I’m glad I didn’t know how much because I probably wouldn’t have signed on for it and I would have missed out on the absolute best thing(s) I’ve ever done!


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