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With a nod of appreciation to the latest children’s book/viral sensation “Go the **** to sleep”



Since we’re up, let’s have some toast!

It’s 5:00 in the morning my loves

So why are you awake?

I was sure I had until seven at least

But no, this time you’ll take.


We played so hard and stayed up late

I knew you’d be exhausted

I gambled big and lost again

Read late and now it’s cost me


What will it take you silly boys

To sleep in past the dawn?

But now you’re playing with your toys

So any hope is gone.


Aiden’s singing Blitzkrieg Bop

And Ben is crying ‘Mommy’

They’ve got the curtains off the hooks

Wall-kicking while they call me


When they told me one was two

Not four but five we’d be

I couldn’t have guessed

What a glorious mess

Of fun this life would be

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