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I was really struggling on what to write about this week, not because nothing has happened but because SO MUCH has happened. Here is a sampling from the soup pot of blog-fodder that is my life from just the last 5 days:

  • The amazing things that happen when we change our beliefs
  • My vision for revolutionizing the marketplace for women and mothers
  • The terrible things my (now) former au pair said and did
  • Why I am rescinding my previous recommendations of au pair programs
  • Why it’s important to forgive au pairs and not hold resentments against institutions
  • Why it is so hard to forgive people who tell lies about you, even though you should, because really, they don’t deserve the mental energy it takes to be mad at them even though they’re lying, deceitful, creepy people.

I’m sure you get the idea…

However, my rants…ERRR..insightful ruminations…have been pre-empted due to the slightly early but safe and healthy arrival of our second grandchild (and first granddaughter) Melina Theresa! She entered the world on July 11th just a few days ahead of schedule and by all reports is doing fabulously well, not to mention is just the most adorable little munchkin you’ve ever seen! I know what you’re thinking; my kids are only two (and two) and four and I obviously look way, WAY (okay somewhat) too young to be a grandma, so what the heck?

When I married Dreamy seven years ago, I was under the impression that I was NEVER going to have children of my own (and therefore, no grandchildren). I actually had also made up my mind to never date or get involved with anyone who had their own kids but since his two were adults I honestly didn’t think it would really be too much of an emotional issue for anyone involved.  Ha! (And double HA)

However, get married we did and life has a way of smoothing over the edges and making room for the most unexpected of families.  Being a ‘step’ in a situation where the first wife and mom, Theresa, has passed away is a daunting endeavor, at least for me. My reality is that I’m only in that family because someone who was loved dearly and held a pivotal place in so many people’s lives left before her time. There are times when this is far from my mind, and there are times, like during the birth of grandchildren, when it’s front and center. It’s a weird, kind of ‘double vision’ sensation to be in a sense grieving for my stepson and husband that they’re going through something like this without Theresa and at the same time feel such an amazing sense of God’s love that I get to be here. In many ways Theresa and I walked very similar paths and I know God chose me to be here after she couldn’t anymore.

So because of all that, I have had the incredible honor of getting to be ‘Bama’ to the most amazing little boy, Jericho, and now Melina. I was lucky that I got to have my Grandma in my life until I was almost 40 and I know how special that relationship is. So Melina and Jericho, because I’m the Bama you’ve got, I promise you that I will do my very best to give you that Bama feeling whenever we’re together. I will spoil you until Jennifer gets mad at me, I will think you’re perfect no matter what you do, and I will always, always have fresh chocolate chip cookies for you.

Welcome, Melina…you are very, very loved!IMG_3543

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