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This is one of two blogs I wrote about our now-annual ‘family camping’ trip. This one was written in the middle of the trip. There was no internet so I couldn’t post til now. Did we survive? Who knows…stay tuned…

As I write this it’s about 6:00 am and we are in the ‘cabin’ (which is possibly nicer than our home and definitely cleaner. The family vacation has already been interesting and typical of how things go for us: Not exactly as planned with huge potential issues but everything is working out even better than we anticipated. Which is saying something when there are three very distinct and very strong little personalities involved (and no, I’m not talking about the voices in my head. I’m talking about the actual personalities of Bisky, Frick and Frack). Let me elaborate…

Because Dreamy and I are hyper- scheduled (that’s just how we roll), we actually hit the road right on time. I insisted on packing everything this time because he and I organize things differently (I am right, and he is wrong, for the record). Because we were so close to the Canadian Border we crossed over to eat at our favorite restaurant.

Epiphany 1: We have been crossing the border wrong for 3 years! There is a closer spot with a shorter wait with a closer White Spot. Damn it! This would have been good to know when Waja was in his ‘I hate to travel so I’m going to make this car ride HELL’ phase.

We enjoyed our meal. Well, the food tasted good. The kids were good, for them, but the single older man who had the misfortune to sit next to us kept glaring at us. I guess I can’t blame him. They were playing ‘Wake Up’, which consists of everyone pretending to fall asleep and then one person screaming WAKE UP!! as loud as they can (or DUH DUP or WAYDUP depending if you are Frick or Frack). We did tell them to do this quietly and explained proper restaurant etiquette but it didn’t ‘take’. So it went something like this:

Kid: DUH DUP..giggle giggle giggle

Adult: SHHHH….hissing ‘we don’t yell in restaurants’

Bisky: Okay Mommy. Can I still have a sundae?

Me: Not if you don’t get off the floor THIS MINUTE and stop yelling.

3 second pause

Kid: WAYDUP…giggle giggle giggle

Adult: I mean it. You STOP. RIGHT. NOW. Or else we WILL LEAVE. We will walk out of here RIGHT NOW and NO SUNDAES. EVER.

Bisky: Sorry.

2 second pause. A) RAAAWWRRR……WAY DUP……….#NoBen crawls under table…hits head on way down.   WAAAAHHHHH…tries to get up and hits head again…WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Old man: Glare glare glare

So whatever, we get back on the road. It was a bit sketchy trying to explain to the Border Agent that yes, we went into Canada just to go to White Spot but fortunately he apparently had a 4-year-old daughter, so when Bisky informed him that she was 4 and would be 5 on her birthday and invited him that smoothed things over. Then we got to the cabin.

By this time it was pouring rain and all the fidgets were definitely done driving. I knew they were done because Frick and Frack were sobbing and holding their arms out chanting ‘Out, Out, Out. Pee Mommy Out, Out, Out’. So we opened the lock box, retrieved the keys and….they didn’t work. Part of the charm of the cabin is there is no reception. So we drove back 15 minutes to ‘town’ and called the homeowner. I was sure by this time that we were the victim of an elaborate scam but she answered and told us no worries, just go back and the neighbor will bring the key. Which we did. By this time, PeeWa was absolutely hysterical. “I wanna go hooome,” he told me miserably, big tears streaming down his face. “Mommy, I wanna go home!” Bisky, on the other hand, was starting to get suspicious. “Are we EVER going to go in the cabin? Why aren’t we going in?” Well, neighbor never had the keys. So we drove BACK into town to let the owner know.

This was kind of a pivotal moment in our vacation. It seemed as though we were NOT going to be able to stay in the cabin after all. We had 2 week’s worth of food (for two nights) and the kids were all pumped up and now we had nowhere to go. We were bummed…but planned some backups.

My first idea was to just go home and then spend the next day together at the Seattle Children’s museum and Ferris Wheel. I was getting pretty excited about that when Dreamy suggested since we’re so close to Canada we go visit Grandma and Grandpa. Other than not having bathing suits for the kids that also sounded fun. Although I’m not sure springing US on anyone with only 4 hours’ notice is fair, I thought it would probably be okay.

I didn’t tell Bisky about that option because I figured if things did work out with the cabin she wouldn’t enjoy it if she knew Grandma had been an option that she was missing out on.  Which was a good thing because the owner turned out not to be an evil con-artist and sent a lock smith over to change the locks and let us in. Nice. We decided to go for a walk by the river while we were waiting to let the kids burn off some energy. We had leashes, which was a good thing. We let the kids throw rocks in the river to pass the time.

Epiphany 2: Simply TELLING kids not to throw rocks while another kid is in front of them is not sufficient to prevent a kid (Bisky) from winding up and misfiring so a rock binks #NoBen right in the back of the head at close range. (Don’t worry, he’s fine.)

We dragged the kids away from the river and finally got into our absolutely stunning cabin. Seriously…I just want to live here forever. It’s pretty weird to have no connection to the outside world

. I keep trying to check my email so clearly I’m too addicted but the kids are having a blast just running around. Today we’re going to play hide and seek because there are great closet spaces.

I would have to say so far this trip has completely exceeded my expectations…of course it’s 6:30 am right now on Friday. I’ve been up since 4:30, got a workout in and am enjoying the peace and quiet. In one more hour I might be a shaking, quivering mess…we shall see!

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  1. Lisa Di Giovanna says:

    What an epic camping trip! Cracks me up.

    LISA >

  2. And, we actually DID see two deer too!

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