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Last week I wrote the first installment of my Twin Life Hacks series. I’m really excited about the concept…so excited that I think it deserves its own platform! After today Twin Life Hacks will be its own blog. If you’re interested in signing up let me know. I’m intending it to be a forum of tips, encouragement and mutual support for parents of multiples. Living Limitlessly will continue to focus on the challenges of balancing life, career, parenthood and all the joy and frustrations that go with it.

One of the best (and worst) things about the Consulting From Home Mommy (CFHM) gig is that Bisky hangs out with me when I work sometimes. #NoBen will be soon too, by all appearances, as he has taught himself to circumvent both security gates, correctly suspecting there is fun and adventure to be had just beyond his grasp. #NoBen’s vocabulary is still pretty much limited to highly desired nouns but Bisky is quite the storyteller. In fact, when I told her I was going to start a new project about twins, she suggested I expand the scope to just being a Mommy. Considering I just purchased the TwinLifeHacks domain name, I wasn’t too crazy about that, but I am not one to squelch creativity so I went with it.

So far, she’s contributed the cover of the book (pictured). In case you’re wondering what it says, here is the translation:

To be a good mommy, you must be nice to your children and talk nice to them and give them rules and send them to their room if they disobey. And if they want to do something fun always say yes and be very quiet when your children are sleepin’. And feed them and make sure to enjoy your children. And if they are sleepin’ you must whisper so you don’t wake them and make sure to tell them they are rainbow sparkle diamonds who make the sun shine!

I’m not sure I have anything to add to this but it did inspire me to have her contribute to the first part of every chapter. Like many of my ideas, this one worked a little better in my head than in reality. We did sit down and try to write the next section but I think the thrill wore off a bit. Here is what she came up next:

I love my Grandma and she’s very nice to me and I like her sweaters and that’s why she’s my favorite grandma in the whole wide world. I love to give her kisses. To make lunch for your kids, spaghetti and apples is the only thing that can keep your heart happy and healthy. And remember, if you fall and need help that’s okay.

Now, lest you wonder if living in Washington State for most of her life has caused Bisky to start smoking pot, I can verify that Grandma actually does knit her sweaters and we do tell her apples are healthy. The rest is just a result of a combination of a quick mind and short attention span. I’m not quite sure how I’ll harness it. I’m also not sure how much help a four-year-old is really going to be in writing a series about how to cope with twins.

However, these are definitely what one might call ‘quality problems’, because the reality is that in the process of this project I’ve realized that I’ve been feeling like a little bit of a victim for the last two years because of the whole twin thing. Working on this has let me see that it’s time to suck it up once and for all and just deal…AND that more often than not now, all THREE of my kids bring me a lot of joy. My whole crazy life does, for that matter.

So stay tuned for further installments on how Bisky thinks you should handle 2 babies, things Dreamy and I did to make it bearable and all things twins on Twin Life Hacks.

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