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IMG_0192My intent when I started writing today was to explore the Beautiful Mind that is my daughter…who is the best of me and the worst of me to the gazillionth power of ten. Then I got completely way-laid by a quality problem of several recruiting assignments as well as resume re-writes and was reminded of and re-inspired to write about the struggles I’m encountering trying to find balance in an abundant life (or surviving having it all, as I think about it). However, I quickly realized that writing about balancing life as a “CFHM” (Consulting From Home Mommy…it’s a new term. I made it up) will take a little more preparation than I’m prepared for (ironically). Although I do have to say that as I’ve been gathering thoughts and observations for my next book, I see the CFHM as an emerging phenomenon as ever more talented and amazing women step away from corporate slavery and ridiculous expectations and move towards a work life solution that honors their choice to be present for their children and contribute in the marketplace as well.

But not today. Today is Fun Friday and because Frick and Frack were exhausted after a busy morning of destroying everything I own and then going to their Music for Preschoolers class, Gracie and I got to hang out. So I thought it would be fun to try to give my readers a pure, unadulterated Gracie experience.  Here goes:

Mommy and Gracie’s Story

Me:       Hey Grace, do you want to write a story together on my computer?

G:          YES!

Me:       Great, what do you want our story to be about?
G:          [Bounds over to stand in front of me and starts twirling around on her tippy toes, a sign that she is imagining things.] A giant, and a prince and a queen. No giant, a prince and a queen and a wicked sea witch who tries to stop them from havin’ fun.

Me:       Okay so how do you want your story to start?

G:          Once upon a time, there was a prince and queen and sea witch stopped them! They locked the prince into a secret castle and locked it! Then a princess came and broke the spell and the wand broke and the witch flew away.

Me:       That was great, what…

G:          Then a giant came and wrecked the picture! He stomped and yelled Fi Fi Fum Fo. He gave her a book and the princess broke the spell and he drawed with her. And he didn’t make a sound. He just drawed quietly with the princess and didn’t do ANYTHING.

Me:       [Still typing]

G:          Mommy? My mouth is still stinging from the pineapple. I’m never ever eating pineapple ever again.

Me:       That’s because you ate two plates of pineapple and the acid hurt your mouth.

G:          Mommy? Can I get my clear water? Mommy? Why isn’t anything working? Here’s the rest of my story. The giant found a fishy and made a booby-trap for the fishy. He only made a booby trap for the fishy so he could bring it to the prince. And then the prince was so happy he cried, (like in the story of you) and then he touched the oven and went owie ow ow owie ow ooo. Then he spun around and around around on a merry go round and went down a slide. Then he scared all the kids away and only had giant fun.

Me:       [sensing the window of productivity is closing/has closed] Okay that was great. Thanks!

G:          Mommy? Can I type another one? [Jumps up and down and chatters gibberish.] Okay Mommy, that’s EXACTLY what I wanted you to spell!

G:          The End!

G:          Can I make up another story?  I want to type my own story now. On a clear screen. Make all the other words go away…

Me:       NO!

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Me:       Get away from my computer. I’m the only one who’s allowed to type on my computer! Tell me your last story.

G:          Once upon a time, there was a little prince and a baby and they lived happily after all and that’s NOT the end of the story. The prince loved the princess so much that a sea witch came and wrecked the fun. Then Pop! He made an alligator come and it swallowed the prince up. Aaaaahhhh, said the prince. Then the prince and the queen got out of the alligator. They tried and did their best, but they couldn’t get out. How can we get out of here? Said the Prince. Said the princess. Said the Queen. Wah wah wah aaaaahhhh said the princess, queen and prince. Then they got out happily after all.

The End.
And so there is a glimpse into my awesome, funny, just-turned-four-year old. And I guess the fact that I get to do this in the middle of the afternoon in between assignments is a little slice of balancing an abundant life after all!

The End Again!

2 thoughts on “Fun Friday featuring the Amazing Grace

  1. Lisa Di Giovanna says:

    Yep, you’ve got yourself a four-year-old, there. It’s fun to watch her grow up through your eyes.

    Me, I love how you look in that photo — sure, the physical beauty of you but also the hope, the wide-eyed, craziness-celebrating, heart-being-stretched-to-breakingness of you. You’re being a great parent.

    LISA >

  2. Peggy Weatherspoon says:

    Grace and her amazing mommy who loves her life!

    Sent from my iPhone


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