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IMG_8928Being, well, ALIVE, I unfortunately couldn’t help but notice a little bit of a brouhaha (or maybe it’s just a fracas) about a certain company (that makes abominably vile coffee anyway..IMO) offending my people (Christians in this context) by failing to honor the sacred snowflake or properly acknowledge my religious observances. Although I do think snowflakes are quite lovely, I have some other things I need to boycott before I boycott coffee that I never buy anyway.

I have decided to boycott mean people. There are a few in particular I would like to boycott. First is Elsa. You know, from Frozen. Yes, I’m aware that the Frozen phenomenon is all but over but Grace, unfortunately is not. She has just discovered the movie and the power of rewind (side note…is it still called rewind?) and has gone from obsessed to possibly addicted. Like all little girls, she now wants to be Elsa. She wears the blue dress, and the white gloves and a crown and seems happily oblivious to the fact that, with her shortish brown hair and light brown skin she resembles Elsa about as much as I resemble Angelina Jolie. She gets right into character. She IS Elsa.

The problem? Elsa is a bitch throughout 90% of the movie and Grace stays true to character. “Elsa doesn’t talk to people.” “Elsa doesn’t like people talking to her.” “Elsa’s mad at you for looking at her.” “Don’t touch Elsa.” Then she’ll fling her hands out to ‘freeze’ us, glare at us and ‘run away and slam the door’ – literally. I’m so over Elsa. Why is such a miserable, nasty person a princess? Yes, I know, I get it, she’s wounded and she changes at the end. Blah blah blah. Having been somewhat of an Elsa myself throughout my life-journey, I get it. But understanding it does not make it fun.

In a parallel situation, I am encountering similarly miserable people outside my home as well. I have come to expect somewhat childish behavior from my children, but yesterday I witnessed a grown man having an actual oh-my-gosh he’s really doing this TEMPER TANTRUM in a ‘leadership meeting’.  This person has seemed to come to the conclusion that he has free reign to be a jerk to pretty much anyone, anytime. And he’s not the only one I’ve encountered. It seems like mean people are making a comeback in much the same way that snowflakes on coffee cups are NOT. Common courtesy? Not so common. Friendly exchange of opposing ideas? Nuh uh. Just mean, mean, mean.

So I’ve decided to boycott them all.  If watching Elsa makes Grace be mean, then no more watching Elsa. For my part, I am no longer going to voluntarily associate with mean people. There are some mean people I am paid to associate with – I’m still evaluating this.  I sadly had to fire one client last week for being too hard to work with (basically they were mean – not so much to me but to everyone) so that’s an option. On the other hand, I do love a good cause and so if I feel like I can be of service to the other victims…errr..employees in a mean-person-work situation the boycott may have some stretchiness to it.

And yes, just like the poor, tortured Elsa who had a heart of gold under her mean exterior, I’m aware that ‘hurting people hurt people’ and I actually have great compassion for people who keep stepping all over themselves because ego, fear and pride are obscuring their heart of gold but I think my CHRISTMAS gift to myself will be to love them from a distance wherever possible. So join me. Down with mean people!

Now…about those coffee cups…

2 thoughts on “Forget coffee cups…I’m boycotting mean people

  1. Mary Rowen says:

    Best of luck with your boycott, Carrie! I try to boycott mean people as much as possible, but sometimes, it’s just not possible. And maybe some of them that you encounter will thaw out a bit, since you’re so kind. It worked for Elsa, didn’t it? I also hate Starbucks coffee! I see absolutely nothing wrong with not putting snowflakes or snowmen on their cups, but just this morning, I drove past Starbucks and went straight to Dunkin. Why? Because ugh, that Starbucks coffee makes me feel ill!

    1. Yeah, me too. I’ve never been a fan and I can’t believe people care about the snowflakes…I don’t think I’m good at being kind to mean people but they are hard to avoid, aren’t they? 🙂

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