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IMG_7613Happy September! Change is in the air and nowhere more than at Casa Maldonado (at least it feels that way to me!). I have a love-hate relationship with change; I love change that I initiate, but when it is thrust upon me I tend to want to hide under the bed shivering like a teacup Yorkie during a thunderstorm (or during anything else, for that matter). Some changes I have initiated recently are a brand new writing project and blog focus, preschool for Mommy’s biscuit and a family camping trip. We’re also in the midst of a significant change in our childcare arrangements, which will be great once it’s resolved.  Allof these changes are ultimately positive…AND still have me feeling just a little irritated and discontent while I’m waiting for the apple cart to right itself.

The writing thing I’m probably most excited about at the moment (sorry Grace, preschool’s good too). I’ve been writing novels for the last fifteen years and have five to show for it. My latest, Hope, Unlimited, is probably my favorite and I started this blog as a way to build awareness about it. If you’ve been reading the blog, you may be surprised by that statement, which is part of the problem. See, during the process of creating this blog, as well as one for my HR business, some freelance work and blogging for our gym, I realized that I actually love writing non-fiction! What I love writing about most is that crazy intersection between going after your dreams (in my case entrepreneurship, writing and babies) and that overwhelming feeling of realizing you have everything you’ve always wanted and darn it, it’s HARD! It’s taken about a year of meandering to realize that that is the theme, and it will take some discipline to refrain from taking off on the occasional rant, but I’ll do my best. I think my latest writing project will do wonders for keeping me focused.

Ah yes, the new writing project…It’s a new book called “Normal is Overrated.  Ten things I wish ‘They’ would have told me about life, joy and work.” It’s been almost two years since I wrote Hope, Unlimited so it’s definitely time for something new.  For me, the hardest part about writing fiction is not the writing, it’s the thinking of an idea! I know there are basic archetypes, and only so many basic plots, but it is really, really hard for me to think of an original way to tell a story. There are things I want to say, (about life, joy and work, as a matter of fact) that by the time I hammer them into a fiction plot it feels either artificial or preachy. I’ve resisted writing a non-fiction book about these things primarily because I don’t know all the answers. Luckily, my funniest experiences have come about as a result of NOT knowing the answers and sometimes there’s even some wisdom there, so that’s the kind of book this is going to be (and the kind of blogs I’ll be posting). It’s not exactly a Mommy blog/book, although there will be parenting stuff and twin stuff and preschool stuff for sure. It’s not exactly a leadership or career coaching book/blog although that’s a huge part of my experience so it’s going to be playing a part. At the end of the day it’s going to be about how to survive having it ‘all’…whatever ‘all’ is to you. I’m expecting this change to be positive, but that’s going to be up to me.

Having it ‘all’, for our family involved a family camping trip at Mount Rainier a few weeks ago. Tony, me, Grace and the twins spent two nights in a tiny little cabin. I wrote about my apprehension and am here to tell you that we survived and even had fun! So right there, my expectations were wildly exceeded! Some things to do different next time will be definitely NOT put both babies in the same playpen. They never sleep together at home. Actually, once they FINALLY fell asleep, they did okay until morning, when I heard a strange snuffling noise and Aiden/Adam kind of grunting. It turned out Ben was standing on him, trying to launch himself out of the crib to wreak havoc! Other than Ben using his brother as a human stepladder, Grace nearly falling off a log bridge seven feet into the water, Ben waking up at 4:00 am screaming and Tony and I forgetting any sort of cooking utensil (how does this happen?  How????) we had a lovely time. We will definitely do it again in ten years.  Okay, maybe sooner. It was a huge change for Tony and me to share the mountains with our kids and not just each other. Overall, I would rate this change as completely awesome with some sides of “please for the love of all that’s holy, stop crying”.

Another change I’m expecting great things from is the whole preschool thing. Grace and her entourage of imaginary friends are highly excited about this development. Until they’re not. It’s a rapid cycling thing at the moment. She is so concerned with doing things right and one of the things that she ‘knows’ (from Daniel Tiger, no less) is that Mommies DON’T go to preschool. This is going to be an issue because it’s a co-op preschool which means I actually HAVE to volunteer once a week. This is one of those things I considered a blessing that I could do, which was never an option in my former life of full time HR Director. However, Grace is very adamant that I not participate. Because she has no social filters or shame, I am a little concerned about how this morning will go.

So, other than everyone in our family adjusting to a new childcare arrangement (which is too new to write about yet…the new person has to get to know me before I thrust her in to public spotlight) that’s the summary of our changes…at least this week. Life continues to be a non-stop balancing act and having it ‘all’ has never been so much work. Joyful, joyful work.

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  1. Best of luck with your changes! Mindy

  2. LisaDG says:

    Well said! I am excited to read more and follow your journey.

  3. Meridith says:

    Carrie…I can’t wait to see where this journey takes you & I absolutely love living it with you through your writing! You are an inspiration!

    1. Right back atcha sister!

  4. Traycee says:

    Carrie, you inspire and enlighten me. Thank you for sharing yourself and your family so openly.

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