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It is Tony and my 6th anniversary tomorrow and we are going to spend it locked in a cabin in the woods with Ben and Adam (16 months) and Grace, who will only refer to herself in the third person now as Mommy’s Little Biscuit. Oh yeah, also the posse of imaginary friends, each with a fully developed personality and voice; Aliya, Clown, Little Sister and sometimes the I-Goat. I suppose it’s a GOOD thing that everyone woke up exceptionally early because that means that they will all sleep peacefully on the 2.5 hour drive – NOT that they will be cranky and miserable all frickin’ day. So we have a cabin for two nights that we may or may not use and Gabi isn’t coming. We do have leashes (I mean harnesses) to prevent the babies from falling (jumping) into a stream, off a cliff or into a fire pit. Actually, I don’t think we have a fire pit, which is a good thing. Can you make s’mores on a propane camp stove?

I thought it would be fun to do a before and after blog about this experience. For example, it’s about 9:00 am as I write this. Tony and I still believe that we love each other and the children very much. We do seem to have an inordinate amount of ‘stuff’ packed for a trip that will take only 1 full day and two sleeps. Well, maybe two sleeps. We couldn’t get the big cabin so we will all share a room. This has never been done before and although Tony is inexplicably optimistic for someone as sleep deprived as he is, I am not so sure. Ben and Grace are what may be euphemistically described as ‘light sleepers’. Other parents of ‘light sleepers’ know this does not actually mean these kids sleep. It just means they lie quietly enough to trick you into opening their door a millimeter a second, crawling into their room like a ninja-cat to retrieve your phone that you left in there only to SPRING up like a jack-in-the-box from the pits of hell demanding to play. Or drink water. Or play with the damn phone that really, you should have just abandoned the second you realized your mistake.

But I digress.

Being of questionably sound mind and sound if aging bodies, we have chosen to take this on. I predict it will be very, very noisy and chaotic and hopefully fun. Hopefully we will make some great memories that Grace and her buddies remember for the rest of their lives. We’ll have to show the babies pictures and tell them how awesome it was even if it wasn’t.

Please wish me luck and I will send an update next week. You know, if I make it and all…camping IMG_7472

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