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Being an egomaniac with low self-esteem by nature (despite years of hard work and very good advice from many smart people) I on occasion become fascinated with my behavior and then somewhat obsessed on whether this is ‘normal’ or not.  The perception that I don’t know quite how normal people behave does occasionally call me to question some of my own behaviors.  This is compounded by the fact that I am 99% introverted and most of my social interactions are with characters in books – whether my own or those created by others.

Over the last little while it has been niggling at me that perhaps a lot of things I do that I think everyone does are not, in fact, normal. Now don’t get me wrong – I don’t actually aspire to normalcy so this doesn’t particularly bother me, but it is interesting and I suppose it would be responsible to teach my children what the generally accepted world views are in the event they surprise me and choose to walk the beaten path. Other things I have just noticed like epiphanies and am completely blown away by only to realize everyone else in the WORLD knows this.  So here are some of my experiences and observations.  I am curious as to which are shared and which aren’t.

  • individualityIs it just me who has been dressing incorrectly my entire life? Am I the only one who just figured out, like MONDAY that you should button shirts from the bottom up? I mean, seriously…85% of the time I get to the bottom and it’s wrong and it JUST occurred to me to start at the bottom. Does everyone else know this? Do they teach it in school and I missed it? If they don’t could they?
  • Is it just me, or does everyone adjust their footsteps when walking behind someone so that your right or left foot is on the same step as the other person’s? It bothers me terribly to be out of sync and always has. Is this just me?
  • Is it just me or is the word ‘cottage’, when referring to a wonderful little habitat in the woods just the best word ever, but completely ruined when attached to ‘cheese’?
  • Is it just me who decides to take a morning ‘off’ from working out or whatever, and then spends the ‘extra’ time in bed worrying about what I’m not doing and end up doing it anyway and then running behind schedule?
  • Is it just me who believes with every fiber of her being that rubbing a cucumber on the cutting board after the first cut will ensure it is not bitter? Why do I think that? It doesn’t make any sense.
  • Is it just me who only noticed this year that when you wear a digital watch, there are times of the day where it is the same upside down? This seems extremely important, albeit useless.

It’s simply amazing to me that there are so many billion people in the world, and at this point in history we can be connected to one another like never before and yet we can still feel like an island of terminal uniqueness in our heads. Have you ever had one of those life epiphanies, only to realize you’ve somehow missed a lesson in ‘things everyone in the whole world needs to know 101’?  I would love to hear yours!

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