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Strong women are awesome women. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually strong women have saved my ass if not my life, so I know what I’m talking about here. (PS…to all the awesome menfolk out there who love us, support us and build us up…you rock too, and we adore you)…but this one is for the girls.

IMG_5723 IMG_57871) Strong women know that lifting up other women lifts us up too, and there is no room in our lives for catty meanness, gossip or backbiting. I love how strong women help other women be strong. The beauty of this one is that it works regardless of how it is received. I win if I lift others up EVEN IF they don’t return the favor. If I ‘proactively protect myself’ by cutting them down first, I lose, even if they do end up to be in the not-cool-sisterhood.
2) Strong women love unconditionally because our strength doesn’t come from being loved, but by loving others. Or, put another way, strong women rise above that fear that we could or might be hurt by our love not being returned. Yes, sometimes our love isn’t returned and yes, it DOES hurt. And???
3) Strong women can be girly-girls. Or bad-asses. Or tattooed. Or not tattooed. We can be whatever we want because we’re not defined by our outward appearance….in fact we’re likely to defy your preconceived notions of us.
4) Strong women like to be challenged and to grow. We didn’t get strong by only doing things that we already knew how to do or that were easy. Yes, we like to succeed but strong women know success is a long game, and that easy wins are cheap.
5) Strong women are kind without compromising ourselves. We set reasonable boundaries and we enforce them. We don’t say yes when we mean no, and we don’t apologize when we’re not sorry.
6) Strong women make other strong women. We teach our daughters to think for themselves, to lift the heavy weights, to be good at science, to express their emotions and to teach others how to treat them. We teach our sons that strong women are loving, beautiful and worthy of pursuing.

There are so many strong women in my life and I love you all. Thanks for teaching me to be strong and for letting me be weak when I need to be. You’re the best!

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