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One of my babies, Aiden (my husband resisted at the whole, ‘let’s call him Adam because everyone is named Aiden…sheesh) has been undergoing a personality change. It’s really interesting. Although Aiden (baby ‘A’) was born minutes before Benjamin (who we will apparently not be renaming Max, either, – thanks, Tony) and was a much more robust and serene baby. At first, we thought Ben was the timid one. He was born with a somewhat wrinkly forehead and a more excitable personality so we said from day one that he was worried. “Ben’s a little worried today.” There is another saying at my house…”It’s always Ben.” Ben is the one who will freak out in his crib until he gets his leg wedged so hard in the slats he gets a bruise. We kind of thought of Ben as a little bit of a nervous wreck and Aiden as low maintenance. But then, at about six months, they changed a bit. Ben became more daring and it was Aiden who was the watchful, cautious one. Ben giggles when I play peekaboo, but if it’s too sudden, Aiden will cry. Ben loves flying through the air and Aiden, well, let’s just say he doesn’t.

And then, just when I had them figured out, Aiden has emerged as the mischievous daredevil! Despite his plump, cherubic appearance, this kid is a climber! I’ve never had a climber before. He will cling to his cage like a little monkey. Yes, we cage them in the living room. Don’t worry, it’s actually just a baby gate to keep them contained and it’s necessary because, oh yeah…Aiden climbs STAIRS. Badly. On a slightly related note it seems like such a bad feature for babies to want to climb things and have no innate fear of heights or self preservation. I clearly remember Tony teaching Grace how to climb down stairs backwards instead of head first. I despair of my boys learning this. They just don’t care, or maybe Grace really was the genius I always thought. Anyway, t031915 158 031915 165 031915 160oday Aiden purposely climbed on top of his toy box and onto his bookshelf without a care in the world, while Ben stood by egging him on. Maybe I’m anthropomorphizing a bit, but just look at the pictures and tell me different!

It is just so interesting to have seen all these changes before a year has even passed. And for me, it is a very difficult thing to translate into writing. I was always taught when I write that it’s verboten to have your characters just do things for no reason. If there’s an effect there must be a cause. And it is true that it’s extremely frustrating to read a story where the characters just do things randomly. But that’s what happens in life – at least with these babies! It keeps us guessing and right now it’s definitely a lot of fun!

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