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So I’ve had my twins, Aiden (whom I am choosing to call Adam because everyone is named Aiden) and Benjamin, for just about ten months ago. It is just dawning on me now that they are here to stay and that yes, I have two babies (and a three year old). I realize that I’ve been in survival mode for much of the last ten months and am just now facing the fact that life as I know it really is forever changed. Weird.
The first change is that unless we always have help with child care, there will be nothing else I can do. This is kind of a mind trip for me. Since I had my kids so late in life, with a fully developed career by the time they came along, I just assumed I’d ‘lean in’ and make some minor adjustments and keep a career and be a mommy. This has not been as easy as I’d thought.
Much of it is on me, I know. What happened is I just don’t want to be gone from my kids all day. But I also don’t want to not have a job. This puts me in a tough spot and also virtually guarantees job security for Gabi, our au pair for life if we can figure out the technicalities of it.
All that aside, I can’t believe how cool it is to have twins! When you have one baby, you are always wondering if this is normal or if that is, or if they are on track. Having twins has given me a whole new appreciation for human development and the uniqueness of each individual. Our boys couldn’t be more different and it’s so cool to watch. One week I got to see Aiden discover his hand on Monday and then Ben got to discover his hand on Thursday. Same process, same wonder, twice! Now Ben loves to clap and cheer and Aiden will too some time in the future. I gave up trying to figure out which was the smart one, which was the evil one, etc. and just get to love them each for themselves. I count myself very blessed to be a mom of twins, even if it has thrown all my best laid plans into complete disarray!
I never considered writing about twins until the boys came into our lives. Now, in my next book there are twins!July 31 download 179 012215 012 I didn’t really even consider it. I just needed brothers and they ended up being twins. Of course, in my book there IS an evil twin, while in reality I have ALMOST ruled that out. Almost…

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