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About seven years ago I started a book called Cold, Hard Reality with a couple other guys I worked with. It was a business book that we were putting together based on Christian principles. We covered things such as unity, competition, scarcity vs abundance and things like that. I based my novel, Broken Warriors, on that experience and on the ideas we talked about. The premise was that a lot of things we are told are just ‘cold, hard, reality’ actually do not have to be our reality. The idea was that we limit ourselves with our false beliefs and that by living with faith and not fear you can achieve more than you’d imagined possible.
Ever since that time, I’ve been on an amazing journey. I’ve seen what happened to people who give into fear and let go of their dreams and I’ve seen the opposite; when people stop working and only dream. Neither seems to end well, from what I’ve seen. It seems to me like a winning formula might be ‘dream big and do the work’. I know I’ve been guilty in the past of wanting an easier, softer way and of really trying to convince God that I deserve to win the lottery because I’d spend it very responsibly. It’s true that we get a lot of confusing messages

Gratuitous cuteness, no particular relevance

Gratuitous cuteness, no particular relevance

in our culture. If we had cable, my daughter would grow up believing that a legitimate career path is reality television star and I’m sure many of her age-mates will agree. It seems the only heroes we have in our society anymore are entertainers and sports figures (who I would classify as entertainers but hey, that’s another post).
All taken together, we all get inundated with messages about what constitutes ‘reality’. It seems the most negative is often the most compelling. You know which one I mean…the one that says drudgery and corporate enslavement are the only viable options and the best thing one can do is take care of number one. Sometimes it’s hard not to get sucked in. Sometimes I think my life would be so much better if I could still afford luxury vacations and pedicures on demand. But I don’t think I laughed as much then. So maybe it’s just cold and hard, but not necessarily reality.

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