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Although last post I spoke about the wisdom and benefits of blooming where you’re planted, i.e. acceptance, this post is about change.  Most of the people I know say that they don’t like change.  I used to think I felt that way too, until I realized that I only dislike the change that I don’t initiate.  I have moved provinces, countries, jobs, relationships etc, and when I feel like it’s my idea I am usually all for change.  I have not always been comfortable with change that I don’t initiate (read…I hated it).  Long before it became true, I began saying “I love change, I’m a change agent.”  Now, admittedly when I first started this, I said it sarcastically, but I have found it’s become easier with time.  People who say they hate change typically have created pretty small worlds for themselves, I’ve found, and those worlds are almost always dominated by fear.  At least, that was true for me.

Certainly, change is a necessary ingredient when writing fiction.  I suppose it would be easier to write a book when nothing changed.  It would certainly be a lot shorter, but how incredibly boring to read, let alone write.  Change and conflict are at the heart of any good story, whether it’s in fiction or real life.  Speaking of real life, one thing that I think has been pretty much proven out is that change is going to happen in it.  If you think you hate change, or think that it’s unacceptable, then you are setting yourself up for some highly disappointing days.

When I was pregnant with Bisky, pretty  much everyone I met said “You’re life is going to CHANGE”.  They always said it with a smirk and eyebrow raise, as though they knew some horrific secret that I wasn’t privy to.  It was honestly very upsetting. I will always be grateful to the one person who FINALLY added “For the better” to the end.  It took me from sheer panic to mere trepidation.  I guess that’s the other thing to remember about change.  You can always add “For the better” and set about looking for what is actually better about the changes that are not self-inflicted.crazy girls

2 thoughts on “Change (Serenity Series, Part 2)

  1. Mary Rowen says:

    What a lovely post, Carrie! I think I needed to read this today. Over the past few weeks, my life has been filled with changes–mostly related to family–and some of it has been upsetting. But now that things are starting to calm down (I hope anyway!) I’m starting to see some positives along with the negatives.

    I was sailing through Grief, Inc. and loving it until all this happened and I got derailed from almost everything. However, I plan to get back to reading it tonight.

    1. Thanks, Mary! I’m sorry to hear about the family stuff – those can be terrible storms to weather. I hope more positives continue to emerge for you!

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