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We’ve all seen the disclaimers in books and movies that say ‘events herein are fictitious and any similarity to reality is a huge coincidence-I am totally NOT writing about you, Brad…”  It’s an interesting challenge as a writer.  On one hand, you are advised “write what you know” but on the other hand, at least my hand, I have no desire to write a memoir or base my stories on real things.  First, I think it would be weird.  I mean sure, we are all the heroes of our own stories in our head but with some memorable exceptions, my life is pretty boring.  Even the memorable exceptions are a bit difficult to make into stories because I have definitely been what one might call an unreliable narrator. .  But I digress…the point was supposed to be how can you mine the truths out of life experience without creating a memoir?

This is an interesting challenge recently because I have had a change thrust upon me that I believe to be 99% the best thing that ever could have happened and 1% the worst thing.  Reality is in the eye of the beholder and   another pesky issue with real life is that the whole black and white thing just doesn’t work.  So anyway, there are several interpretations I could make based on my experience of what has occurred and based on what other people are reporting to me and all would make pretty good book fodder depending on how you play it out.  There’s the plucky heroine getting maliciously and wrongfully cast out into the cold with scant resources after angering a cruel and vengeful overlord, OR I could write about the plight of the caring and sincere, yet unsuccessful masters who unwillingly and tragically must send the plucky heroine out into the world on her own, with all those left behind  crying bitter tears of sorrow at her departure  OR I could write about the plucky heroine being a pawn in a workplace Game of Thrones, where there really are  no winners,  only weeping and gnashing and weird-ass wolves (not finished book five yet so maybe that gets resolved).  So many interpretations, what to do, what to do?  The good part about fiction is I get to pick.  Reality is just mundane and tiresome and evil overlords probably are just misguided and political machinations are somewhat pathetic when you look at what people are battling over.  So let’s up the ante and make it REALLY about life or death! That’s some good reading, in my opinion.

And before anyone asks…I’m fine, and completely excited about the next chapter (ahem ahem) in my life.  More to follow…

“The further one goes, the less one knows.”
― Lao TzuTao Te Ching

photo courtesy of Svilen Milev, Stockxchng

photo courtesy of Svilen Milev, Stockxchng

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  1. Lisa DG says:

    Like life, your stories are page-turners with surprises all the way through and we could never guess how autobiographical are your characters and plot twists. Some of the stuff happening in your life, you just can’t make up!

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