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In Grief Inc, Holly is guided through a process of self discovery and improvement by some angels in her life.  They are not always sweet and kind in their assistance, but they are honest and their guidance enables Holly to achieve the life she was always meant to live.  I think we all have some angels in our lives like that.  These are those people who were there at a pivotal point in your life, helped you through a rough time or even told you a truth you needed to hear. Sometimes we don’t appreciate our angels at the time, but when we look back we can see the value they brought to us.  If we’re lucky, we get to tell our angels thank you.  Holly’s angels were literal angels, and she did get to thank them.  Our angels are usually disguised a bit more carefully, but if we reflect on it, we can see they were there.

Even more important is the fact that we are also all called to be angels to others.  It is amazing, humbling and even a little scary to realize how impactful our words and actions can be without our even realizing it.  Sometimes a simple word of encouragement can change someone’s life.  Other times it involves a little more intensive interaction.  There are always younger people to mentor or even people to encourage.  It is very rewarding to realize that to someone else, you are an angel.  Beats the alternative, no?angel 2 angel like

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