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One of the things I enjoyed most about writing Grief, Inc was the romance between Holly and Michael.  I am not interested in writing books whose primary focus is romance, but I really enjoyed finding Holly’s perfect partner.  One of the ironies in this relationship is that they both know their time on Earth is extremely limited. It would have been easy for both of them to decide that there was no point bothering starting something that was just going to end.  Instead, Holly decides that since she has nothing to lose anyway, she’s just going to be herself.  She’s consciously aware of the times when in the past she would have been tempted to sugar-coat things or try to people please but instead she’s just as authentic as possible.  And wouldn’t you know, this allows Michael to see the real Holly and darned if he doesn’t just fall head over heels!  I love that these two are so real with each other because they know they don’t have time to waste playing games. It kind of reminds me of my relationship with my husband.  We’d both been through enough by the time we found each other to know there was no point pretending for even one date to be something we’re not. Actually, I don’t know that Tony even has that pretense in him.  What you see is what you get with him all the way.  I do, though, and by some divine intervention I was able to shut off my ‘actress’ button and just be me.  The results speak for themselves!  That whole ‘just be real’ thing worked pretty well for Holly, too (although you need to read the book to find out how well). take a chance

One thought on “Nothing to Lose?

  1. Lisa DG says:

    Well said. There’s all good reason to be authentic from the git-go and no good reason to play-act in our relationships if we want them to last more than a few days.

    Your book sounds more and more interesting. Can’t wait to get it!!

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