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So as I reflect upon my various lives (Writer/Entrepreneur/Mommy/Corporate HR Director) there is one thing that continually appears.  I have come to believe that things that continually appear in one’s life either represent a belief one has, a fear, an opportunity or a lesson to be learned – at least that has held true for me. Anyway, the thing that is bumping all over me lately is the concept of self-promotion.  I have always believed that self-promotion was a singularly unattractive quality.  I tend to avoid people who talk about how great they are and have studiously avoided doing things that would be perceived as bragging.

At the same time, when I wear my writer and my entrepreneur hats, I learn that just providing a great product or service is not sufficient; marketing is critical to let people know what you have to offer.  This can be tough if you perceive marketing as self-promotion.  I find it much harder with my writing than with our business to engage in marketing.  Ultimately though, it probably comes down to humility.

Spiritually, I know that humility is an important quality, but I think it’s often misunderstood.   It is not humility to put oneself down and it’s not humility to think of oneself as bad, dumb, useless or beyond help.  For me, true humility is allowing one’s light to shine, but not taking credit for generating that light.  I am responsible to be a good prism, to use my gifts responsibly and to serve others through my gifts.  It is not humility to deny my gifts, that is false pride.  It is also pride to take credit for my gifts.  I didn’t create them; I am only responsible for practicing them and using them.  In that sense we are like prisms, not light bulbs.  We need to reflect the light shining through us in a beautiful and unique way, but we do NOT generate the light. So, I guess what it comes down to is it feels like self-promoting when the aim is to serve oneself, but when a genuine desire is to be of service to others it is much more palatable (and enjoyable).  So READ MY STUFF, IT’S AWESOME! READ IT! READ IT NOW!! Kidding….just kidding…kind of…lightbulb Prism

One thought on “Be a Prism, not a Light Bulb (Why is self-marketing SO hard)

  1. Lisa DG says:

    What an illuminating metaphor! I like it. You’ve just clarified something for me.

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