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I am not a technophile (I guess I couldn’t be anyway because that is apparently not a word). I used to be a technophobe, but people are making me Tweet and such and it’s not THAT bad.  So I’m not exactly a dinosaur anymore, but more like one of the small-brained mammals who lived at the time of the dinosaurs (is that still the theory? I stopped trying to keep track after Pluto stopped being a planet again). Anyway, being in the Paleolithic ballpark somewhere, I am struggling with modern technology in my writing. I still usually think I’m twenty-three in my head so I like to have younger characters in my books but I just don’t think I can anymore. I have no idea what it’s like to have grown up always having the technology that exists today. I (and my age-peers) understand that ‘rewind’ used to be a verb. I still hang up my phone calls instead of disconnect and I know what a land line is even if I don’t have one. But that’s not the biggest issue I have with technology and writing. I write two kinds of books – thrillers and also more introspective books where the characters grow and change as people. Both these are hampered with technology. It’s almost impossible to conceive of a mystery or a secret that someone could have that needs to be discovered that can’t be solved through a search engine these days! Madcap adventures require much more complicated backstories. And how can I write about relationships realistically, when it seems like so many people’s most in depth relationships these days are with their phones, and not real life humans? eighties dinosaur It’s rare to go out for dinner and see people talking to each other, but I don’t want to write about my characters going to a restaurant and what their social media feeds said while they were there. So maybe I’ll just have to write quaint historical stories set back in the eighties…Nineteen Eighties…when life was so much simpler.

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