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No, this is not about a defunct soap opera (although when I googled it, it looks like it might have come back?  Did it?  Squirrel!!) but about something I’ve noticed about myself, which will probably require my endeavoring to clone myself.  Although cloning myself SEEMS like a good idea, I fear that, much like computers who can think for themselves, this could quickly go awry.  I am only through the first season of Orphan Black, though, so maybe the cloning thing turns out okay.  But I digress.  My point is that I have too many things I want to do.  I’m not talking about grocery shopping vs laundry, I’m talking about careers, lives and lifestyles.  There are just too many options!  I suspect this is what one might call a ‘quality problem’, and in truth there was a point in my life about ten and a half years ago when I didn’t feel there were ANY options, and a meteor crashing into earth seemed like a best case scenario.  But, fast forward ten years and a lot of work later and I am finding myself somewhat anguished about how to invest my time. 

I’m aware that part of the problem is the previously mentioned black and white thinking.  I tend to want to invest 100% of myself, time and energy to whatever is at hand and feel like I’m cheating/cheated if I don’t.  I’ve got the best husband in the world (for me), a HIGHLY active two and a half year old princess, and two twin boys.  Part of me wants to immerse myself in Domestic Goddesshood all day every day.  I would even sterilize everyone’s toothbrushes once a week (not the boys, though, they don’t have teeth yet).  But I also want to work 100% of my time on my writing.  I want to blog first thing, then work on re-writes and marketing and then new projects.  That would be awesome.  I also have a career in organizational development that I enjoy a lot.  I love leadership development especially and working with great people.  And there’s my coaching.  Not to mention our (Tony’s) gym, Limitless Fitness.  It is our dream coming true right before our eyes.  So, how to do all this in only one life?  I know, I know, cloning…

Or prioritizing.  Or one thing at a time, maybe?  I think about the story about the rocks and the mayonnaise jar and know that some things are non-negotiable, and the others need to get fit in.  I’m glad I have the clarity to put the Maldonado clan in the jar first, although full time Domestic Goddessness probably won’t be happening for a while due to logistics.  I’m glad I have faith that I have help in figuring it out and I’m glad to have such quality problems?Choices

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