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I am very lucky, in that I have a magical magnifying glass.  Whatever I look at with my MMG grows and grows and grows!  This is wonderful indeed when I’m focusing on things like how lucky I am to have three healthy children and the ability to create word worlds and a day job that pays my bills so well and the opportunity to start a gym with my husband.  When I turn my MMG on my gratitude it grows and grows.  Unfortunately, there is a dark side to my MMG.  Sometimes I accidentally turn it onto the fact that the beasties are not letting me get any sleep, or that I ‘have’ to go back to my day job and not hang out with Bisky all day and/or write, or that I ‘have’ to work on pages when I’d rather sleep in and drink coffee and then my dissatisfaction grows like a pimple on prom night.  Sometimes I’d like to return my MMG, or at least exchange it for one that only works on happy things, but I lost the receipt, so I think I’m stuck with the one I’ve got.  Sometimes I’d like to write about my MMG in a children’s book, but children’s books are WAY harder than one would think, at least for me!!  So for now, I just have to use my MMG wisely, so I don’t magnify the wrong things, and then stop doing the right things that give me good things in the first place!magnifying glass

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