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My daughter Grace is almost two and a half years old.  When we found out I was pregnant my husband said “Oh, you have a little biscuit in the oven,” and so we called her Bisky until we found out if she was a girl or boy.  I was thirty-eight when I had her and had been advised that due to fibroids I probably wouldn’t be able to conceive and once I did conceive that I probably wouldn’t be able to carry her to term.  All these factors, plus that fact that she’s, objectively speaking, completely amazing, contributed to much record keeping of the first few years of her life.  Not as much as I intended, of course.  I had intended to start a journal called “Bringing up the Biscuit” in which I would faithfully record all the cute or meaningful things she said and we did and I would present it to her on some significant occasion.  I still love the idea and still intend to do it just like I intend to buy a piece of wood from the hardwood store, paint it and record her growth along with corresponding special pictures. 

Like many first time mommies, I completely underestimated how much time and effort would go into adjusting my whole life and way of being to take care of a brand new person.  Still, my daughter has had her picture taken every day of her life.  I think I may have                     GraceI Phone Download 121413 016unwiittingly created a sociology experiment because my twin boys will most likely have a completely different parenting experience!  I am hoping Bisky can take over the baby book project as well as journaling the milestones because I quite honestly have not done a thing yet and they’re already almost three months old!!  But, considering that’s a lot to put on a two year old, I expect it may just be something I’ll stay up all night faking once the boys are old enough to ask for it.  Fortunately, Aiden looks almost exactly like Bisky did at the same age so I can recycle some pictures, but I’m not sure what I’ll tell Ben.  So, there is no journal about my parenting with any child yet but I am always collecting experiences so I am highly confident this will appear in a book someday.  As soon as I can find my computer under the piles of laundry. 

But, I figure taking over “Bringing up the Biscuit” might be good training for her, so that I can delegate researching novels, proof reading and rewrites too.  Maybe I can convince her it’s fun before she’s old enough to know better!

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