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I am very curious about the evolutionary advantage to babies to cry and cry to sleep deprived parents.  I have heard that mothers experience their own babies’ cries as louder and more urgent than they do of other babies.  I am too sleep deprived to verify this but it sounds like it could be true.  So I will grudgingly concede that there may be some benefit to babies there.  I’m not sure the same is true for twins.  It seems to me that they may be overplaying their hand.  As a mother of infant twins, I can only say that when they both cry at the same time it has more of a paralyzing effect.  Fortunately, my babies carry it to such a ridiculous extreme that I am snapped out of it rather quickly and usually end up laughing at the insanity, or crying hysterically.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.   In general, though, the babies do have a way of getting their needs met by being the most urgent ‘to-do’ in the room at any given time.  Once I am dedicated to a project, it calls to me in almost the same way.  If I try to do anything else than attend to it, I will start experiencing a similar anxiety in that I can’t ignore it and do something easier and more fun.  And if I have more than one project that I have created to-do’s for it can be almost as paralyzing as Aiden and Benjamin tag teaming me.  I guess that serves the same purpose as the babies’ cries do – they get taken care of, even if it is at the expense of my sleep and sometimes my peace of mind. I phone download 022813 077 051114 436 

One thought on “How Writing Projects are (like) Crying Babies

  1. Lisa DG says:

    Carrie, you’re remarkably coherent considering the sleep deprivation and odds against you just now. Your writing is a delight, even when the babies’ needs distract you. Keep on keepin’ on, please.

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