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Angels play a key role in my latest novel, Grief, Inc. and a bit part in the one prior to that, Broken Warriors.  I was admittedly uncomfortable introducing these characters into my books.  With a few exceptions (Debbie Macomber’s, Frank Peretti’s and Randy Alcorn’s excellent books being chief among them) I prefer books whose characters are, well, human beings.  Ultimately, Grief Inc., was about how we can’t truly experience life to the fullest until we are of service to our fellows, and how what seems like sacrifice brings our greatest fulfillment.  I guess for that purpose, I didn’t really need the angels, but I’m also fascinated with Heaven.

For much of my life I didn’t believe in an afterlife, but after a series of significant life events convinced me that God was real, I became much more interested.  I realized that I had a preconceived notion that if there were a Heaven, it was probably pretty boring.  Much research convinced me that it will be anything but.  I really wanted to convey this excitement and encouragement through my novel and it is the secondary theme of Grief Inc.  So in that case, I decided an angel or two may be just what the writer ordered.heaven picture angels

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