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So I have noticed that a great many writers also seem to be excellent cooks and/or bakers.  One theory is that both are creative endeavors and so appeal to creative types.  I have another theory.  Writing is weird in that we are compelled to do it and once we’re doing it, it’s awesome.  AND, there is this time before actually sitting down to write in which we’d rather do anything but.  This usually turns out to be very productive time and benefits most people who live with us greatly.  I doubt I’d ever organize my sock drawer if I didn’t have a book to write that caused me to procrastinate.  Same with the grout on the outside of the shower or the baseboards behind the toilet.  All these things get cleaned only because it is preferable to facing a blank screen.  And to add to the issue, I am also an all or nothing thinker, which means that when I decide I’m going to ‘go write’ in my head this is akin to embarking on an Arctic Expedition.  I could be gone for weeks!  I need to get all the chores done first, because who knows how long I’ll be at the computer? And what is the most important part of an Arctic Expedition?  You got it – SNACKS!!  So THAT is why writers need to be good bakers and cooks.  We need to fortify ourselves for potential WEEKS without food as we pound out our masterpieces.  At least, that’s my theory.  I’d write more but I need to go perfect my double chocolate fudge torte.Creative arctic expedition baking

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