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So once upon a time, long, long ago I had this life….Circa about ten years ago I was young(ish) living in Southern California. I was Director of Human Resources at a construction company working with some of the most awesome people I’ve ever worked with and was supporting myself to a very pleasant degree.  I belonged to a wonderful critique group and basically wrote when I wanted and had ample time to engage in self-care.  In those days, I could devote entire weekends to writing.  I’d have very high output on writing days but wouldn’t always write every day.  I wrote my third and fourth novels during this time.  Then I got Freeway the Rescue Dog.  He had little to no impact on my writing, because I wasn’t writing because I was dating my soon to be husband, the Awesome Tony (whom my friends called Dreamy even with no knowledge of Grey’s Anatomy).  As with all blessings, I had to learn how to fit Tony (and Freeway) into my full and happy life and make sure I was still doing the things I need to do to be worthy of them.  Then along came Bisky (aka Grace, aka Princess Grace, aka Amazing Grace) in 2012.  I had a plan when I was on maternity leave that I would market Broken Warriors and write a new book.  As it turned out, all I did was manage not to drop the Princess and learn to deal with a completely new identity and still do the things I need to do to be a decent human being.  Fast forward to November 2013.  Pregnant again, with twins!!  I’ve learned a few things in the meantime and one is that I don’t feel like I’m doing my life correctly if I’m not writing and that to do it in my current circumstances puts a whole new meaning to the word Discipline.  I cranked out Grief Inc., 5 pages a day, every day.  I’ve learned that I have to write every day now, and despite any preconceived intentions, if the beasties allow me more than 45 minutes it’s a banner day indeed.  I’m very blessed that I happen to be a fast writer (not including rewrites, sigh).  I never knew how easy I had it ten years ago but I wouldn’t trade what I have now for the world!A and B Audrey Hepburn

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