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I think I need a better way to describe Grief, Inc., my fifth novel.  We all know the drill…have a wittily crafted pitch that summarizes your novel in one sentence (two if you’re lame).  And I do…”A woman who receives a fatal diagnosis determines to make a life worth dying for.”  It’s still in progress because that doesn’t hint at the fact that there are supernatural aspects…”A dying woman is assisted by angelic beings to bring purpose to her life in the time she has left.”  Yes, also true but this book is FUNNY darn it!  How on earth to convey that?  “A rollicking romp through Earth and the afterlife as Holly Matthews races against time to fulfill her earthly purpose even through obstacles such as a deadly illness, bad hair days, traffic and love.”  I think rollicking romps are passé now, so that won’t work.  Clearly more work is needed so for now…Grief Inc.:  It’s about dying, but it’s funny!  I know that one of the most important abilities writers need to develop is the ability to be concise.  It’s certainly true for me, at least with the written word.  I can certainly be brief and to the point verbally, but it takes a serious act of will to keep it concise when I’m writing.  I’m sure I’m not the only one, which is small comfort when I have a 600 page first draft to condense and then explain in one sentence.  Good thing I CHOOSE to do this, or it might not be fun!

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