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I just learned that I have name amnesia (namenesia?)  Or maybe Name Addiction?  I’m not sure what it’s called but of the millions (or maybe gazillions, I’d have to check with the statisticians on the exact –illions) of names out there, I apparently am only aware of about twelve.  This came to light when I was writing Grief Inc., my fifth (and favorite so far) novel.  I was happily plugging along, putting my poor characters into terrible predicaments when it occurred to me that EVERY SINGLE character’s name was one I’d used in a previous book with the exception of the main character, Holly.  Since I started writing the book in November, about four months pregnant with the boys, I expect the upcoming Christmas season was the only reason she wasn’t retreaded as well.  Not only this, but when it came time to naming the boys again I was stuck on the same names I’ve been naming my characters!  Oh, how I lobbied for Max and Adam!!  My husband had a vote too, though, and we settled on Aiden and Benjamin – with twins your babies are called A and B for as long as you know they’re there and we got a little attached to the A/B theme. And perhaps, at the risk of sounding unsympathetic (as I’ve mentioned), we occasionally refer to them as Beastie A and Beastie B, but really, I blame Bisky (if for no other reason than she is only two and can’t articulately defend herself).  I’m curious – do other writers gravitate to the same names for all their characters or do you use different ones?  For my newest book I’m using a baby name guide to try to get more original but Max, Adam, Michael still keep popping up.Image

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