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As a lot of other writers will tell you, coming up with a title for your work is often the most difficult part of the project.  Usually, my opinion is that I’d rather write a hundred titles than one chapter of rewrites, but when it came to naming my blog I definitely got the title jitters.  First round was Writing with Beasties.  To understand this, you’d need to know that a) I am a writer, b) I have a two year old daughter and two twin boys ages 80 days, c) I call them the Beasties but d) I do so very lovingly (usually) and mean no harm.  In my defense, twins are HARD, and I’m OLD (41 but since the Beasties joined us I feel at least two hundred and seven – sleep deprivation).  It was pointed out that referring to my children as beasties may render me a somewhat unsympathetic narrator, which saddens me, so I settled on Books, Bisky and the Boys.  Nice alliteration and Bisky is not a common nickname for a little girl so it’s interesting.  However, I keep coming back to Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes.  This was the working title for my third novel but also I love the absurdity.  Since then, and fairly recently, there actually ARE chocolate covered rice cakes at the grocery store which confirms my world view that all just might be lost, however I haven’t tried them yet – maybe they’re okay.   In the novel CCRC referred to trying to disguise something puffed up and devoid of ‘meat’ with a delightful coating (think really bad date) but as a blog it hopefully means combining something that’s actually healthy and good for you with a, well, delightful coating.  Have I mentioned chocolate and exercise are my only drugs of choice?  Welcome aboard, the fun we shall have!Image

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